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Heti is a music artist hailing from the Island of The Republic of Haiti. He comes from a diverse background in sound and culture such as hip hop, reggae, and Haitian Music, but there is more to his music when you take the time to listen. At the age of 10 years old he arrived into the United States as a refugee during the political violence of his country in the early 90's. He adapted quickly to the new environment and began to grow a liking to hip-hop music. Soon he began writing rhymes narrating his thoughts and experiences in the world. His debut album, "Godbody" is a great display of talent to say the least, but it remains to be a teaser until the sophomore album follows and gives a better sense of who he is. The first track "Godbody" is demanding in tone, a calling to bring forth the inner powers. "Tha Story" explains his journey from Haiti to the U.S., his trails in life, and gaining of identity. "Plans to Rule" is the third track on the album, expressing his aim to ruling himself and his surrounding. "Understand Me" is another track that clarifies his mentality and the character that he is, with rhymes like,"true to myself and never will these cowards change me; love and respect is in the hearts of the realest". Track five "Traveling", explores his fascination with traveling in a mental, physical, and spiritual sense. "Contemplation" delves into the pressures that Heti has faced in the world and the things observed through his experiences. "Champion Chant" is a single dedicated to the people of Haiti in light of the tragic earthquake that occurred in January, reminding his people that freedom is a battle thus as a people they must fight to overcome. "Go Hardd" testifies to the unrelenting drive and the ability to bring forth the warrior spirit. "Ryda Mix" is a remix of the original track featuring MK, another upcoming from Haiti. What tops it off is knowing that this album was produced in just weeks. Expect a refreshing sound when Heti makes his introduction.
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В Kroogi с 27 июля 2010
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